Who am I,  where am I going and where do I come from? Ah, such philosophical questions!  Well, first things first, welcome to my blog.

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My name is Iris, I’m Italian and I’m currently attending university in the charming city of Venice, where I’ll graduate in History and Philosophy. My dream job is to become a journalist, and I plan to do a master’s degree in Multimedia Journalism in Scotland. Meanwhile, I indulge myself in writing a few stories about what happens to me and, most importantly, what I discover and see around the world! I am a HUGE fan of travelling ever since I started learning English back in primary school when I found out about the concept of culture and its ramifications. Now, it took quite a while to that little curly redhead to take off on a plane but she eventually did(last year) and now she cannot wait to do it again!

Processed with VSCO
The beautiful Faerie Glen, Scotland

What else can I say about me? I love reading, long inspiring conversations, I couldn’t live without stand-up comedy(what is life if you cannot laugh about it and minimize your problems?) and sarcasm. I find photography pretty much relaxing and I’m terrible at sports. Seriously. Awful. I could hike for days, but please do not make me play team sports. I’ll run away on a trike screaming out of fear and despair.

When I travel, my main aim is to find off the beaten track pearls, though I must admit I also enjoy clichés when it comes to monuments, museums, art galleries and such. I am interested in a country’s history, art, traditional music because I think that they do convey something important about the country’s culture, therefore you’ll find a bit of this and a bit of that in this blog.

Clothes, canal and gondola
On the way to the Jewish Ghetto of Venice


Oh, by the way the name “The Venetian Rover” comes both from the city of Venice and my personal passion for the Celtic culture. I must admit, though, that I am not originally from Venice. I live in Veneto, I frequently am in Venice and I chose to make it the focus of this blog because of two reasons: on one hand, Venice was my first ever trip as a child and it enkindled my wanderlust. On the other hand, I’ve always been interested both in the Western and the Eastern culture alike (if such a division can actually be made) and which city could I choose if not Venice, which has been a bridge between East and West since its foundation?

The blog features several sections: some regard specific travel adventures – see Venice and Europe-; then you have the “Maieutics” section.

What’s “maieutics”? Maieutics or the Socratic method “is a form of cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presumptions.

I’ve chosen this title because Socrates has always been my favourite thinker and because I’d like this section to be as open as possible, therefore feel free to share your ideas and suggestions or to stimulate a debate!

Last but not least, we have the “Erasmus” section, which will be progressively updated, because YAY! I’ll go to the Universiteit Van Amsterdam! This section will contain tips aimed at whoever wants to apply or has applied to the Erasmus programme or would like to study/studies in Amsterdam and doesn’t have a clue of where to begin!

This said.. go and have a look!

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