Beyond Amsterdam: the Zuid-Kennermerland National Park

Personally, I feel so privileged to live in a city like Amsterdam: cycling its busy streets, sipping coffee in a cafè overlooking a canal, strolling with awkward curiosity in the Red Light District or even finding its underground life at Vondelbunker are all experiences hard to forget. There’s always something happening, people everywhere, things to do, to see, events to attend, and sometimes this can be too much.


Sometimes you just need to relax, to find a quiet place and enjoy the silence. But how can you escape the city without going too far?

Well, the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park answers both your and my prayers: woods, beaches and wild animals just thirty minutes away from Amsterdam.


How to get there

By train: if you’re leaving from Amsterdam, reach the Overveen or the Santpoort Noord train station(25 minutes-ish), then it’s just a ten-minute walk to the park.

By bicycle: you could also cycle directly from Amsterdam, it will take more or less an hour and 40 minutes.

By car:  The national park is easily accessible from the western N208 ring road and the A9. There are several parking lots, which can be found here.

There’s no entrance fee and you can access the park from several points, though one of the best is the main entrance, where you’ll find the visitor center. Here you’ll be provided with plenty of information about the park, its fauna, some brochures and a map.

Why should you come here?

The park has lots to offer: be it hiking or cycling, there’s a lot to explore and numerous paths to follow.

IMG_20170910_233743_563 (1)

You’ll find a most diverse nature: from forest..


… and sand dunes…


to scenic beaches!


It’s perfect for families…


…and you could be so lucky to spot a Highland cow…

Credits to Jen Morgan

…or even this beauty!

3395792613_f79cc441c7_o (1).jpg
Photo credits Jeroen Van Luin


The park also organises some activities such as wisent spotting, horseback riding, and various excursions. So.. what are you waiting for?


You could also end your day with a visit to the lovely city of Harleem, just a few minutes from the National Park!


Photo credits to Paul Arps





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