“Venice is a fish” by Tiziano Scarpa

Venice is probably on your bucket list and obviously not just in yours, since every year the city swarms with tourists from all over the world. Its fame, beauty and magical atmosphere attracts every kind of people and has inspiredartists of all sorts throughout the years, so if you’re planning to visit our wonderful city I’d suggest you to get a bit of information beforehand in order not to miss anything you might like.

Read books, articles, guides, watch movies and listen to music connected to your destination: you’ll appreciate the culture and the place you’re approaching. Since I know this research requires time and effort, I’ll simplify your work by helping you in finding some good information, advice for books, film etc.

Here’s the first one: Venice is a fish by Tiziano Scarpa

I must say, quite the unusual guide: forget Lonely Planet, Rough Guides and all that stuff. Venice is a fish resembles a private diary, a secret story whispered in the ear by a lover, a spirit guiding you in a walk through calli and canals.

Scarpa, the author, as a good novelist won’t just tire you with the top 10 places to see, things to eat or anything commercial: you can find it anywhere. He will tell you about Venice’s secret corners and stories, its past and present. His love for the city is so clear that he seems a lover talking about his beloved one.

I truly recommend this book, especially because Venice is treated like a living organism: every chapter describes a part of its body, i.e. tail, face, legs and so on. I loved this approach.

P.S.: I don’t know if this detail will be reproduced in some way in the English translation, but in Italian the author adresses a hypothetical female reader and stresses the emotional aspect of his narration.

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