Will you fall from the Doge’s Palace?

Now, don’t be frightened. It’s not that some Anthony Hopkins will throw you down the window like in Florence (if you didn’t get the reference click here), but there actually is a creepy story here.

We are in St. Mark’s Square once more. Look at the Doge’s Palace, admire
its majesty and beauty, then head over to the colonnade. Don’t look at the side in front of the Biblioteca Marciana, but at the columns facing San Giorgio Maggiore and the sea. Among
these columns of the Ducal Palace, you can notice that the fourth, counting from the edge, is moved a little forward than the others.


Step on the white marble and try to whirl around the column without ever falling from the narrow base on which it rests, see if you can do it. You can’t? Well don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal, no one can. Now, what you’ve done is a game often played by kids, but its history is way creepier than this.

They say that at the time the Serenissima deluded those condemned to death with an extreme possibility of salvation: if they had gone around the column, they would have lived.

Not so funny now, is it?

Sources: http://www.duepassinelmistero.com/venezia.htm

Header image: buzzerg.com



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