A guide to Venice’s street names

Rio, Canal, Strada, Calle this or Calle that.. Venice looks like a maze of names and streets, but how to untie this knot of obscure definitions?

Here’s a little vocabulary thought to enlighten your understanding of the venetian town planning’s names.

The Mysitc of Venice
The Mysitc of Venice, 1lifeinspired.tumblr.com

Calle(f): the typical venetian street, you know, the narrow ones between high walls. If considered secondary roads, they could be named ramo or ruga, but it’s quite difficult to tell the difference between these ones and the latter;

Canale: the only real canals in Venice are the Canal Grande and the Giudecca’s Canal, the other ones are called rii (bacini, dàrsene, pissìne are the names of larger water surfaces);

Corte: it’s a campiello which you can access from one entry;

Crosère: crossroads;

Fondamenta: it’s a calle with houses on one side and water on the other;

Lista: water stream;

Piazza: you have just only one St. Mark’s Square, the other ones are called campo or campiello;

Ponte: bridge

Rio: the most common name for water canals;

Rio Terà: it’s a rio buried in the ground, basically a canal become a calle;

Riva: a fondamenta whose waterside overlooks a wider water surface than the typical one;

Salizada: the first calli where dirt roads, so when the first paved streets appeared, they were named salizade(from selciate, paved) to distinguish them from the others;

Sotopòrtego: squared tunnel between houses;

Squèro: dockyard

Strada: it literally translates street. You will find just one strada in Venice, that is Strada Nòva.

Via: it also refers to a street, a road. You have two vie:via XXI Marzo in sestiere San Marco and via Garibaldi in sestiere Castello.

Now you can go and understand what you’re crossing or walking! So what you’re waiting for?

The Mysitc of Venice, 1lifeinspired.tumblr.com


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