My favourite quote about travel

I’m not that into quotes actually. I love writing down the ones from books I really enjoyed or that were meaningful to me, but I’m not the kind of person who puts aphorisms in selfies. Nevertheless I want to share with you this quote I found in one of the books of my favourite author (Tiziano Terzani), here’s the translation:

There is no happiness for those who do not travel Rohita!
By dint of being in the company of men,
Even the best of them is lost.
Begin the journey.
The feet of the traveler become flowers,
His soul grows and bears fruit
And his vices are washed away from the fatigue of travel.
The fate of those who stand still will not move,
Sleeping when that is in sleep
It arises when one awakes.
Then go, traveling, Rohita!

– Brahmana

I love the fact that these words don’t suggest that you actually “find yourself” travelling because I don’t think it really happens: I mean, you’re travelling with yourself all the way through your journey, it’s not just “Oh wow, look! That’s me! Yaay! Thought I’d never have found me!”. Nope. Travel makes you grow, discover aspects about yourself, your reaction to certain situations or people, find out what you like and what you don’t like and challenge you certainties, that’s why “the fate of those who stand still will not move“.

So, this is my favourite quote about travel.. what about you, reader?

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