How to visit Murano, Burano and Torcello

Few tips to visit the most famous islands of Venice without needing a tour.


If you don’t fancy an organized trip but prefer to wander around and be the very master of your time, don’t worry: getting to Murano, Burano and Torcello is quite easy (once you have a clue of how the vaporetti‘s system works) and having a look around is too.

Let’s go through the main issues.



How long does it take to visit them all? Well, it really depends on you, your rhythms and likings. I’d say that one day is sufficient to get a glimpse of  the islands, since they’re everything but wide, although plenty of spots to see, relax, eat or purchase souvernirs. Given that you have many chances in terms of activities you could do, my advice is to start your day early in the morning and live it to the fullest until late evening.



So let’s assume you want to reach one of the islands from the train station. First: you can either walk(27 min) or take a vaporetto to reach the “Fondamente nove” stop. The boarding is in front of the station; here you go with the ACTV’s lines which will take you to “Fondamente Nove”:

  • Lines 1 e N (Nocturne): get off at Ca’ D’oro stop and proceed to Fondamente Nove (5 minutes) at the boarding for the 12 line, which connects Venice to Burano
  • Lines 4.2 e 5.2: get off at Fondamente Nove stop and go to the 12 line’s boarding beyond Donà Bridge. This line connects Venice to Burano in about 40 minutes.
  • Line 3 (Murano Direct): get off at “Murano Faro” stop and take the waterbus to Burano at the 12 Boarding.

If you see your destination between brackets on the board, keep in mind that you should ask for the stop. It may stop in any case, especially during high season, but do it anyway, just to be sure.


General tips


  •  Visit the Lace Museum and have a look at how it was made! It’s truly worth it, I mean the same technique was used to shape royal clothes in the past!
  • Do not buy your drinks there, try to find them in less touristy areas in order not to pay a fortune! If you want, you could also have packed lunch, but there’s a relatively cheap “restaurant” just as you get off the vaporetto in Burano (not to mention that they have really good fish there).
  • Do a bit of research before going, just to have an idea about what you’re about to visit. (I’ll leave you a few links: | |
  • Do not forget your camera! Both the landscape from the boat and the islands are truly beautiful. Burano is most lively with all its coloured houses, Murano will enchant you with its glass factories and Torcello seems taken out of a fantasy story!

Have a nice trip!



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