24 hours itinerary in Venice: what to do

#1 Have breakfast at Tonolo

Frequented mostly by locals and students, Tonolo is the typical venetian pastry shop: no tables and chairs, people stand while having breakfast or a snack. Besides being very typical, Tonolo will offer you the best of confectionery at a very reasonable price (which is almost a miracle in Venice!).

#2 Get lost!


Even if Venice is rich in museums and art, with just 24 hours available the best thing to do is wander a bit and get to see hidden spots to catch the best atmosphere of the city, partly avoiding the most touristy areas.

#3 Follow the crowd and admire Piazza San Marco and Rialto Bridge


Though secret and hidden places are true gems in Venice, there’s a reason if the world craves to visit Piazza San Marco and the Rialto Bridge, their grandeur will leave you speechless.

Since you are there, take the vaporetto to San Giorgio Island and enjoy the view on the laguna from the bell tower!

#4 Try some italian street food: Bigoli


For just 5 euros, you’ll find in several corners of the city take-away restaurants selling bigoli: the bigoi, as we say in venetian, are an extruded pasta in the form of a long and thick tube, typical of Veneto.

#5 Lose yourself in the Libreria Acqua Alta!


Between shelves, boats, gondolas and bathtubs you’ll find thousands of books to satisfy any taste.

Read here to know more!

#6 Have an aperitivo, better if with a view!

An aperitivo is an alcoholic beverage usually served before a meal; if you want your venetian day to be complete you can’t miss a Spritz or the typical (and lighter) Bellini!

If you’re looking for drinks and snacks for a cheap price, Lele is your place.

#7 Enjoy the sunset in Zattere

Maybe while drinking the aperitivo suggested before, sit and admire the view from Zattere. I give you the pictures, no words needed!



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