Relaxing spot with a view


You’re on vacation, you’re enjoying Venice, but something’s really annoying you: the crowd. Especially in summer or generally speaking during the high touristic season, the city swarms with people.

Not so romantic now, is it? [Picture from]
Someone’s having an ice-cream, kids shouting, mobs of tourists pushing and making you feel the need of some quiet spot where to relax, read, listen to music or, more simply, enjoy the view.

Well.. here I am and here’s my advice: 10-15 minutes away from the train station you’ll find a place called Zattere, a long seaside where you’ll see a library belonging to Ca’ Foscari University and the famous Gelateria Nico, not to mention a lot of hang out spots just in front of the sea. But if you reach the San Basilio pier, just in front of you, near the statue portraying some musicians you’ll get to a small corner overlooking the sea from which you can admire the avenue of Zattere, the Giudecca and enjoy the breeze while you relax.

I do love that spot, I usually sit there for hours enjoying what’s just before my eyes, reading or.. studying. Yes, today you would have found me there, looking at the sea and repeat out loud Hegel’s philosophy with a friend!




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